Media and Communication Strategies

I identify the most efficient ways to reach the audience

What I do

I’m all about one thing: attracting more engaged target audience

I help companies grow

by the following responsibilities:

  1. Report to the whole management team drawing information and data from both internal team and clients.
  2. Provide communications and advocacy to management team for the implementation of the strategic plan, through development and designing communication materials such as brochures, email, power point presentations, briefing materials, etc.
  3. Regularly gather content to use in communications and products, including photo, video, audio, stories, interviews, suited both offline and online (brochures, posters, etc.)
  4. Establish and maintain an internal library of relevant documentation, photos, videos (with adequate indexing and consent documentation) materials.
  5. Plan the digital marketing budget and update posts on social media and website.
  6. Plan the media by sending press release and inviting media professionals.
  7. Set up branding campaigns by supporting social activities and building community.
How does it work

We'll just go through these 4 easy steps


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All the planing starts with problems in the context of national, local, business-to-business marketing/advertising. The problems could be how much to spend on branding, how to increase sale volume or how to stop eroding market share.


Understanding your business

The purpose is understand the marketing problem. The company and its competitors are analyzed on the basis of: (1) size and share of the total market, (2) sale history, costs and profits, (3) distribution practices, (4) method of selling, (5) use of advertising, (6) identification of prospects and (7) nature of the products. 


Delivering the strategy

Plan activities to that will solve one or more  of marketing problems including the determination of: (1) marketing objectives, (2) product spending strategies, (3) distribution strategies, (4) elements of marketing mix to use, and  (5) identification of best market segments


Setting creative strategy plans

Determine what to communicate marketing/advertising including the determination of: (1) how to products can meet the customer needs, (2) how the products will be positioned in advertisement, (3) copy themes, (4) specific of the objectives of each marking campaign, and (5) number and size advertisements. 

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What my bosses say

San Rithy is by far the most reliable and trustworthy member of the Media and Communication (MC) team and is well-liked by his colleagues both inside and outside the department. Throughout the years, he has grown to become an indispensable part of our team, leveraging his impeccable communication skills with key stakeholders as well as resilience and positive attitude in the workplace to accomplish his projects to a high standard. In addition, what greatly impresses me is his willingness to take up new challenges, passion for lifelong learning, and motivation for leading change and making a difference — be it in the context of a team, an organization, or the society. I am confident that he will become an invaluable addition to any team.

Nick Shawn
Founder of MaryAm Internal School, Beijing

He is one of the best employee I’ve ever met. He is independent and reliable. He can work under pressure and manage multiple tasks at the same time. He could handle most decision makings as required by his manager. 

Suon Sovannak
CEO at L.H Concrete Co,. LTD

I have worked with San Rithy for a few month for our media and advertisement project. I have seen that San is a creative media person as well as an effective marketer for branding my products through this project. I would recommend to any institutes and organizations that wish to collaborate and work out the creativities. 

Sky LB
Marketing Manager at HBi
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