A few words

About me

“Don’t Be afraid to Get Creative and Experiment Your Marketing.”

Hard working

Leading expert

I am an organized, creative and highly efficient media and communication professional who is capable of producing and delivery online/offline content that engages the audience and drives recognition. 

*Skills that drive productivities: 

  1. Public Relation
  2. Communication
  3. Journalism
  4. Audience Research
  5. Photography and Videography
  6. Televison Photography
Useful marketing

I believe passionately that good growth communication and marketing essentials are the same.

In a successfully operated campaign, all activities will be well-coordinated to build on one another to increase the overall impact. For example, a single campaign might include:

  • Advertising: A series of related, well-timed, carefully placed television ads coupled with print advertising in selected magazines and newspapers.
  • Direct marketing: Direct-to-consumer mail pieces sent to target segments in selected geographic areas, reinforcing the messages from the ads.
  • Personal selling: Preparation and training for customer sales representatives about the campaign to equip them to explain and demonstrate the product benefits stressed in advertising.
  • Sales promotion: In-store display materials reflecting the same messages and design as the ads, emphasizing point-of-sale impact.
  • Digital marketing: Promotional information on the organization’s Web site that reflects the same messages, design, and offers reflected in the ads; ads themselves may be posted on the Website, YouTube, Facebook, and shared in other social media.
  • Public relations: A press release announcing something newsworthy in connection to the campaign focus, objectives, and target segment(s).
How does it work

I have involved in: