What my clients say


San Rithy is by far the most reliable and trustworthy member in Media and Communication (MC) team. What really impresses me is his willingness to take up new challenges, passion for life long learning, and motivation for leading change and making a difference. Therefore, I am confident that he will become an valuable addition to any team.
Nick Shawn
Founder of MaryAm English School
He is one of the best employee I have ever met. He is independent and reliable. He can work under pressure and handle multitasks simultaneously which I greatly impress.  He is capable to make decision making. Plus, he is friendly and easy to work with. 
Suon Sovannak
CEO at LH Concrete Co., LTD
I have worked with San Rithy for a few months for our media and advertising projects. I have seen that San is a creative media person as well as an effective marketer for branding our products through works. I would recommend him to any institutes or organizations that wishes to collaborate the projects with him.
Sky LB
Marketing Manager at HBi
Through his hard work, I have known him as one of the best members in my team. He has always presented his creativities and strong commitments to push the team forward and has brought very good results. He strives to make a difference for many vulnerable and underprivileged kids in our NGOs. 
Tann Savda
Pedagogy Supervisor at PSE (NGOs)